How to create an automated Newsletter on Botsend with Linkgage

You can automate the links you create on Linkgage to be sent to your subscribers on Facebook Messenger at regular interval (Weekly or Monthly). Botsend will automatically pick the most recent links you curate on Linkgage and send it to your subscribers.

To get started with scheduling automated messages, you need to connect your Linkgage account. Here is how to connect your Linkgage account.

After connecting your Linkgage account, click on create campaign.

Choose Automated Campaign, and continue. On the next page, you can choose your Linkgage integration and the team profile you want links to be pulled from.

You can choose the start date and time when you automation begins to run.

You can now set back and watch the conversion rate of your marketing content increase weekly.  This means you can just focus on curating the best content and adding your call-to-action on them, while we take the job of sending it to your audience.