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Run effective campaigns at scale, grow your audience and increase your revenue.

Reachable subscribers
Take Facebook marketing to the next level and make use of the world's biggest network. Reach people on the go.
Capture more leads
Grow your subscriber base. Reach your audience through their most popular communication channel.
Increase revenue
Distribute content via messenger to engage your customers at the right time and increase your conversion rates.

Messenger Broadcast

Keep your customers, your audience updated with your latest news, upcoming events and valuable content. Achieve more than 80% open rates and 50% click rates on your marketing campaigns.

Product 1
Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Use a data driven approach towards marketing. Segment your customers based on custom rules and send targeted messages to each segment.

Messaging Automation

Create automated Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns. Send scheduled messages to your subscribers at pre-defined interval and dates.

Product 3

Wait, there is a lot more.


Botsend helps you make the right decisions by gathering information about your customers.


Connect Botsend with apps in your existing workflow and products you already use.


Collaborate with your team members by adding them to Botsend to manage your Messenger marketing.

Growth Tools

Acquire subscribers from day one using Copy-and-paste Botsend link or embed it on your website.

Surveys coming soon

Find out what your customers think about your business or products and make better decisions.

Live chat coming soon

With Botsend, have live interation or send pre-defined response to your subscribers in real-time.

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